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MRO eCommerce store SupplyVan makes conscious efforts towards sustainability

MRO eCommerce store SupplyVan makes conscious efforts towards sustainability

Posted by SV Admin ,26th Aug 2022

Dubai: SupplyVan, the largest MRO E-Commerce Store in the Middle East is supporting the cause of sustainability through their packaging materials. According to the ‘Green Economy Initiative’ launched by HH Sheikh Mohamed in January of 2012, UAE seeks to become a successful model of the new green economy and enhance its sustainability. From banning the use of single-use plastics to including Sustainability in the Expo 2020, the UAE is striving hard to preserve its environment for future generations.

To support this, SupplyVan doesn’t use excessive packaging materials to pack the products unless absolutely necessary to protect the items during transit. Through their recently implemented same-day delivery system, SupplyVan’s delivery vehicles and drivers are trained to handle small and large deliveries. Many of their products are delivered in their original packaging (without the use of additional packing materials) as provided by the manufacturer thereby reducing the consumption of paper and plastic packaging materials. The E-commerce company packages products for delivery using only recyclable materials.

Witnessing the UAE government wholly supporting Sustainability initiatives to address pressing challenges of the world, I am proud to say that SupplyVan is doing its part and leaving no stone unturned to reduce the carbon footprint. Having grown five-fold in less than two years, SupplyVan has set a stellar example that embracing sustainability does not have to come at the cost of a lucrative company growth rate.”, said Ali Asgar Raja, CEO and Founder of SupplyVan.

The first and largest dedicated MRO E-Commerce Store in the Middle East, SupplyVan sells more than 1,700 brands online including major brands such as Makita, Stanley, 3M, DeWalt and Bosch. With the tagline ‘Keep the World Running’ they are recognizing the major gap of digitization in the industry and are also solving critical pain points for both buyers and sellers in the industry. Read More...